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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are your credentials?
My credentials include 12 years of teaching experience which was possible due to my determination to succeed despite having a late start in my guitar studies. Not knowing which discipline to follow, I studied both Jazz and Classical disciplines, eventually settling on Classical after having competed internationally at the Portland Guitar Festival. 

Other credentials include a B.F.A. Mus. From York University where I studied performance on the classical guitar, as well as other subjects such as Music of the Middle East, Music of the Balkans, Free Improvisation and Contemporary Musicianship, which lead me to study at Carnegie Mellon University where I studied a method of music education known as Dalcroze Eurhythmics developed by the Swiss musician and educator, Émile Jaques Dalcroze. 

2) What is your teaching style?
I’m just a fun-loving and patient guitar teacher who likes to teach in a fun, challenging, encouraging and balanced atmosphere. The most effective way to interest a student in a subject is to invite inquiry while trying to understand and relate to his or her interests. Exhibiting encouragement, positivity, and patience, I strive to help my students recognize and develop the known and unknown talents which lie dormant in each and every individual.

Drawing from my experiences at Carnegie Mellon University, I am actively writing short, fun pieces of music which are designed to facilitate the development of various techniques and avenues of musicality. These compositions will eventually be made into a method book.

3) What kind of music do you teach?
For beginners, it is first necessary to learn some educational material in order to become acquainted with the guitar and musicianship.

In general, I teach Classical, Rock, Folk, Country, Jazz, and all genres which interest students.

4) How much do you charge?

30 minute weekly lessons cost a flat-rate of $125 / month. The same price applies when 5 lessons occur in a month.

 5) What is the best age to begin guitar lessons? 

To find out the answer to this question, It is always best to have a trial lesson before enrolling. My youngest beginner is 4 years old, but for some children that is too soon to begin. 

6) Am I too old to learn to play guitar?
I admire late starters. Students of all ages take lessons from me. There's something new to learn in each lesson. Whether it's about the art of practicing technique; building skills; the physics that go into the construction of a guitar, I help generate interest!

7) How often is it necessary to practice?
Every drop counts. Little by little, persist, and I promise enjoyment as well as improvement will follow.

8) Should my son / daughter take Royal Conservatory    
Royal Conservatory examinations are a great way for students to set goals in order to measure their achievements and receive school-board recognized grades for their skill levels. Grades are given for both practical skill and knowledge of music theory. Students who pass Grade 7 & 8 Royal Conservatory examinations  can earn secondary school credits for grades 11 and 12. 

9) What is the Royal Conservatory of Music?

Founded in 1887, the Royal Conservatory of Music offers a national examination system recognized by all school boards as well as universities. 

10) What kind of guitar should I get?

**Students interested in pursuing Royal Conservatory examinations must have a classical guitar.

The most important factor in purchasing a guitar for beginners is that the instrument must be encouraging to use. A high quality instrument provides the ease of use necessary to facilitate an enjoyable experience.

There are three kinds of guitars: Classical, Acoustic, and Electric. For beginners, I usually recommend buying a Classical guitar because it is the most versatile, and particularly, because it does not have steel strings which, for some young ones, can be abrasive to the fingers.

When you buy your guitar always make sure there is at least a 30-day return policy. Don’t be afraid to ask them to throw in some new strings for free!

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